Ten Fatal Dating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Maybe you’re that rare man or woman who is past making dating mistakes. Or maybe you just make different mistakes than you used to—your incorrect perceptions and misjudgments may be more sophisticated than they were in 1990.   Perhaps you have different priorities for a partner now; tall and handsome may be replaced by warm and adventurous. So keep things in perspective. The lessons you learned from a failure 10 years ago may make today’s relationship a success.  Here’s my list of dating mistakes, from experience, discussion, classes, and reading a lot about relationships.  Add your own.

  • EXPECTATIONS – Both having and not having expectations can be a problem. You will hopefully know what you want and need from a relationship before you get emotionally involved. You might even ask yourself how past relationships could have been better if you had had clarity on what was important before and during that relationship.

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