Eleven Guidelines for Pursuing Pleasure – When you see something you want, ask for it. Do it as easily as you’d place your order with the waiter. Assume if you want it, you’re meant to have it. Ask Life to be your waiter from now on. …Go for what you can have when you can’t have it all. The sunny part of the rainy day; the friendship if not the lover; the soup when the entree is too costly.…Don’t go by another’s belief on what is enough. Go back for Life’s seconds. Stop when YOU have had enough .

April Appetites – The three vases of lilacs won’t fit on my desk, crowded as it is with unfiled papers, but I lean down to take them in, as a proud 10-year-old might exult in the smell of her first chocolate chip cookies.

Ah-h and Awe – I felt as uninhibited as a toddler dancing to Sesame Street songs..I simply was a child let out of latched gates.

It All Happened on Monday – Come wander through my day with me, like a visiting out-of-town relative.  I’d like the company.

I Emptied the Jelly Jar and other 2-fers – I’m aware I may have some unmet need around holding on to things. Is that called “understatement”? . I find this baring of my unabashedly frugal soul cathartic.

Morning Glories, Pears and Old Comics – And even in my sick bed, having grinned through 12 weeks of comics, I experienced nurturance and accomplishment… The ordinary and mundane is not enough for me. I notice nuances, am curious about coincidences, ponder incongruities, and opt for stimulating opportunities. I sometimes feel a bit like a frog with its tongue ready to dart at the first sign of a fly.

5:30 am Thoughts about John – Am I ready for this?  Oh, yes! This adventurer who can travel in SE Asia alone for three months, speak before audiences, run a rooming house, this woman can deal with the flutters of questions that escaped from their cage when I threw off the covers.

Deep Play with Richard – It might be fun for others to be voyeurs of our exuberance.

Can’t We Try Again? But it’s hard to be holding the broken vessel of a relationship that could’ve been mended. I don’t want to throw away the pieces. I don’t want anyone out there in the world experiencing me as hurtful or unloving. How can fences be mended when the mending tools are withheld?

Relationship Changes – It’s Not All or Nothing – If this “go with the moment” boat capsizes , I’ll get wet. But I’ll learn where the rocks are and where the smooth water is. And the next trip down the river may be more harmonious because of what I learn now.

What if I Don’t Figure it Out? If our minds are holding us prisoner, what would parole look like?

A Mother’s Pride – Like many mothers, I would do things differently than my two do them. But I don’t need to focus on the differences.

Memories of my Teenagers – I found containers of memories tonight in the basement

Bathtub Learning – If that place of inner reverie leads to a Don Quixote charge at the windmills, I saddle up for the ride.

An Inside Job – And how much more pleasure can you pack in life’s daily suitcase?

My Ten-Hour Route from Frustration to Contentment – Not having a planner for the first several days of the year made me feel like a painter without an easel, a kid without a toy, a kitchen without a stove. It’s a way I have of keeping the days in separate drawers, of covering up and tucking in the day’s experiences.

At the Los Alamos Fire—Wrong or Just Human? And perhaps as importantly, we can all ponder the blunderer in each of us, the part we each have to admit to, who has made wrong choices, who dares to stick our necks out in a dozen different ways, who relies on the good will of others in order not to be humiliated and denigrated for our imprudence, our follies.

When is Enough Enough? Is there a time to call it quits, to say “Enough is enough”?  Or can I really indulge myself like a kid on Christmas morning?  What criteria do I go by?…What would it be like to be the event planner of my life—to revolve the activities and experiences around a common theme?

A Romance Addict? I’m going to enjoy being (not a romance addict—the thesaurus gave me a better word) a romance enthusiast.

Your Life to Live Over- Maybe happy memories aren’t the best indicator of a fulfilled life. Maybe they are. But there’s no maybe that this morning’s cup of tea and baked oatmeal with banana and yogurt on my sun-drenched deck won, hands down, over catching up at my desk.

How do you Love Yourself? Count the Ways – I’m slowly unraveling from the ingrained directive to set goals…I feel more freedom when I am aware of all the things I could be doing and I gravitate toward what feels like a preferred choice rather than a have-to.

Internet Euphoria – For me, email folders are comparable to a photo album—something I can revisit to tickle my memory muscle…Perhaps I’m addicted to the Internet, but no more so than to snow-covered mountains, intimate talks with friends, a good book, a Handel concerto, or popcorn with butter by the fireplace.

If You’re Happy and You Know It – Are you happy? Do you know it? Do you sip–and sometimes guzzle–life? How do you show you’re happy? When I start (or continue) the habit of appreciating the little things as well as the big, my happiness muscles strengthen, and everyone else knows I’ve been working out in the gym of the heart.

Change your Questions, Change your Life – What could happen if people only asked questions that brought forth useful answers that moved them forward?…If your brain is like a search engine and you put in “Why is it so hard to meet women?” all it can bring up is possible negatives.

Communicating from the Heart – You won’t hear me saying honesty is not the way to go. But I do want to urge honesty from the heart, not just from the head…Would you rather spend an extra five minutes now or five days or months or years mending what happened when you were “just being honest and telling it like it was.”