2nd Book

Moreah’s 2nd Book: Diving Right In

DivingRightInDiving Right In is a book that dares to share most any topics Vestan has thought about from the 1970�s to the 1990�s. Her poetry explores losing her dad at 92, friendships, reading in bed, romantic episodes (including With a Lover on a Hill and Homesteaded Heart), Nature (Symphony of Birds, Forest Fog and others), and a lot of self-reflection: (Inner Hunger, Ode to Comfort, What Does It Matter? and Ode to Pleasure, among others).


From On Losing my Dad,
“…Your motto became “Silence is golden,”
And you’d walk away when Mom was angry,
Sure you were doing the most loving thing.
How easy it is to understand—even without agreeing
That experiences we’ve had can so guide our actions…
I think at times, “I can’t be mourning. We weren’t that close.
We didn’t see life the same way, believe the same truths.”
And then I remember leaving my Mom’s hospital bed
Nearly 20 years ago, wailing as I was led away to the airport,
Not because we were so close,
But because now my wish for that could never come true…”


From Reading in Bed,
“…Growing up, I don’t remember ever being able to relax in bed.
I’d be reading a book and be called down by Mom to help.
I wonder how many hours, days of reading
It could take to “make up for” those years as on-call helper.
It doesn’t matter now. I needn’t prove anything.
I can tell my internalized Mom to just relax…”


From To Fathers from a Mother,
“…What transformation allows you
To look so vulnerable, so soft,
When your new baby is placed in your arms,
When your teenager comes to you in tears?…
And know, when you are divided inside,
How overjoyed I am
That tender fathers
Are not an endangered species.”


From When I Say “I Love You”
“…Now your eyes are a pool I float in.
Your hands an invitation to rest.
My heart is a chalice I put to your lips.
My fingers trace you even when you’re gone…”


From Homesteaded Heart
“You come to me, arms open to encircle.
I step back, sensing your desire,
Not ready to be claimed…
Don’t sign papers to claim me.
Plant and work my rich soil as I will yours.
That harvest is our homestead.”


I have to know, can’t bear to wait.
My future’s tied up; my life’s good at stake.
What’s the rush–why can’t I relax?…
Why, no drama in that! So let’s have some angst.


From Unopened Door
“…Am I drawn to you BECA– USE
I am so easily held
And need to balance that?
Because I need to heal the child pain
Of not being lifted
Lightly, naturally,
By parents who,
Naked in their young need,
Met no circling arms?
Unable to give
What they never knew…”


And besides the 80+ poems, there are 100’s of brief vignettes, like these:

The Rooming House

Two neatniks in my house have tried to keep me in line. It’s interesting being the owner and getting pressure to clean up my act. I finally transformed my storage sprawl into a neat basement that lifts me every time I go down for a shower or laundry. I actually threw out three garbage bags full of paper to recycle. My bedroom is even cleared enough that I could lie on the floor and not touch anything, even if I made an “angel” with my feet and arms. That MEANS something to me, I tell you!

Men in my Life

I’ve had two more three-month relationships since 1990, both with men I liked but was not in love with. One even smoked, but was so thoughtful I could not complain. Non-infatuation means less anxiety, but also less animal delight. My skin hunger and sexual energy were satisfied. Yet, there’s a place in my heart, a pit not dug deep enough to unearth its treasure, that I long to have touched. It’s partly chemistry, partly an undefinable heart connection. I’ll recognize it when I feel soft and very tender. Yes, I’m a romantic. Maybe I should stop looking and let it come to me. Hm…

Hi, Friends—I love the inclusive feel of ‘Friend.’ With some of you, friendship has been a solid reality for months or years. Many of you made my 50th “Let’s-pretend-we’re-kids” Birthday Party total joy as we walked in date-expired jello, used mouths only in a chocolate pudding eating contest, pinned the eye on the dinosaur, played “Expert” in such areas as matchbox house builder, contorting legs around a broomstick, talking Southern, painting toenails, and eating. Then the last few of us slumbered together till breakfast. AAH!

A Place to Slow Down

I pushed myself too hard for two weeks and I was so overextended that by the 2nd Sunday I HAD to have peace. One of my favorite spots for getting back to center is a cemetery. So I drove two miles and spent five hours in the car there just BEING with the trees and silence. When I really get in sync with Nature, I know all is just fine whether I am still or being moved by whatever breezes life is blowing around and through me.

Galloping Thoughts

As far as my sometimes-compulsive doingness, I do at times feel like a stampeding herd–like the momentum has pushed me in a direction I am unable to turn back from. My business associate has made me aware of my tendency to ask several questions at once. I need to rein in my thoughts BEFORE they gallop across to the receiver, unequipped as s/he may be with a mental sheepdog to nip at my heels and keep me on the known trail.

Living life from the inside out: from purpose to action

Hi, Friends, I recently published my 2nd book, Diving Right In: Reflecting on Life’s Adventures, which has 80+ of my poems and 180 pages of vignettes, all very personal. (My favorite quote from the back of the book: “You made me giggle, you made me cry, you made me think, and you made me want to go out and do something silly.”)

During Feb., instead of $15. (including tax), I’m offering it for $13. if you get it directly from me. If I mail it, I’ll add $2 for shipping. In March, it will be $15, and $17 if I mail it.

If you buy it and aren’t glad you have it, return it to me and I’ll refund your money. You can pay when you get it from me, on paypal.com, or send a check to Moreah Vestan, 5646 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136. Call 206-938-8385 with any questions.

Here are some of the poem titles, followed by vignette titles.:

  • Family and Friendship (section)
  • Thoughts on Mother’s Day
  • On Losing my Dad
  • To my Good Friend
  • At Home (section)
  • Cleaning Out my Sock Drawer
  • Humor for a Bedtime Snack
  • Reflections on Life and People (section)
  • To Fathers from a Mother
  • To My Children Going Back To Their Dad
  • Melancholy
  • Half-Built Dream
  • My Week Down the Columbia River
  • Romantic Relationships (section)
  • Beside Me
  • Swept Away November 21, 1991
  • When I Say “I Love You” December 1991
  • With a Lover on a Hill
  • Hope at High Tide
  • Exploring You
  • Homesteaded Heart
  • Boundaries
  • Nature (section)
  • Symphony of Birds
  • Forest Fog
  • To The Sun
  • War and Peace (section)
  • Thoughts after a War Movie
  • Dawn, January 16, 1991
  • Berlin Reborn
  • Self Reflections (section)
  • Today’s River
  • Inner Hunger
  • Listen to the Feel
  • Freeway Park, 1977
  • Ode to Comfort
  • Pieces of the Puzzle
  • Tranquility
  • One of Those Days
  • Inexpensive Delights
  • The Call of Having a Cold
  • My Beanie Babies
  • Waiting for the Bus
  • Ideas of Human Nature
  • What Does it Matter?
  • Ode to Pleasure
  • Look Ahead
  • No Preference
  • Surrender
  • From my Vignettes, often 3 to a page. Here are some of the
  • titles:
  • Six Every Night
  • My Wheelbarrow Rides
  • OK, OK, I’ll Do It
  • How Do You Know You Are Loved?
  • My Soul’s Poetry
  • Dancing in Safeway
  • Sunday Satisfactions
  • No Room for Guilt
  • I Had to Leave my Bed
  • Daily Vacation
  • Maybe Next Time
  • I’ll Never Say I’m Sorry
  • Holiday Ambivalence
  • It’s Okay Either Way
  • Only One Thing to Work On
  • Sleeping in the Dining Room
  • Seven Weeks in Winter Hauling Water
  • Paying to Find a Partner
  • The Danger of Buffets
  • Declaration of Order
  • A Senior Stripper
  • Ah, Leftovers
  • Taking it Off
  • My Purpose in Life
  • In the Back Seat in a Hailstorm
  • I Wonder What They’re Thinking
  • A Perfect Birthday
  • Hard to Let Go
  • Living on the Edge
  • Doing my Own Thing
  • Me First!
  • Mom’s Cancer
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath
  • Confessions of a Compulsive Saver
  • True Love in the Bushes
  • No Excuses Needed
  • Harmony in the House Again
  • Definition of a Friend
  • Present or Future Security?
  • My Compulsions
  • Unconditional Love
  • Do I Want it Too Much?
  • Experience Collector on the Go
  • Trying on New Behavior
  • Deals with my Kids
  • To my Son Leaving Home
  • My M.S. in Overlooking Reality
  • Is There Treatment for Packrats?
  • No Advice, Please
  • Grateful for the Tears
  • Marinating a Relationship
  • Need It? Want It? Get It!
  • I Love Attention
  • What’s the Lesson
  • Eavesdropping
  • Do It Now, Do It Anyway
  • Two Massages in a Row
  • Changing Image of God
  • Galloping Thoughts
  • All the Little Things
  • How Men Feel
  • Congruence vs. Peace.