I Want That!

I want to fully trust my intuition and my intention to work so closely together that I never doubt that what I’m doing or choosing to do is perfect!

(And if I didn’t carry around a possibility that maybe I SHOULD do something differently, the doubt might go away on its own.) I wonder if I set the timer for each hour to go off and remind me that all is well, if I could turn the old “what if” and “should I” into “All is perfect as it is.”

What would my life look like THEN? Well, I’d never feel guilty when I chose occasionally to watch three or more hours TV. I wouldn’t even need to OR choose to mention my unsorted boxes or papers or undeleted emails.

I might actually ERASE guilt or self-criticism by never seeing it show up in my internal inbox. I’d probably stay accustomed to taking charge of my daily activities in as matter of fact way as I’m now becoming used to an internal nod to WHATEVER comes up on my intuitive inner planner. OH, I think I’ll delete emails, do social media, scrub the sink, sort that box of stuff, or make this call I’ve been putting off. But I’ll only do that as a choice, NOT a should.

If you’d like to go from shoulds to choices, feel free to call me at 206-300-1657. As a Life Coach and a Communication Trainer, I offer a complimentary consult on any area YOU want to improve. I want that, too!

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