How To Be Happy With Yourself As You Improve Your Life

How To Be Happy With Yourself As You Improve Your Life

How to Be Happy With Yourself As You Improve

We’re all works in progress, but that shouldn’t stop us from feeling confident along the way.

We all have idiosyncracies. Sometimes they even keep us from being the ideal partner, parent or co-worker or friend. Most of us know (or think we know) what we could or should do to improve ourselves. Some of you have made changes while others are working on making changes. Either way, the journey to self-improvement isn’t always easy and can at times be bumpy. Read on to learn how you can stay happy and motivated while you work towards improving yourself and your life. These tips worked for me and I hope they work for you, too.

1) Take Action Or Let It Go My greatest pull or push is a sentence that hit me strongly when I was reading Be Yourself: Everyone Else is Taken. It was discussing inner and outer conflicts and said “Do something about it, or let it go.” Of course, that’s not a new concept. The serenity prayer urges us to know what we can or can’t change and the have the wisdom to know the difference. But I’ve taped “Do something about it, or let it go” on my desktop computer. And literally, in the past three weeks it’s been there, whenever I’ve felt frustrated or overextended or torn and have read the sentence, I have taken action or let it go. And that feels good!

 2) Connect With Encouraging Friends 

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