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9 Ways to Get It DONE!

Do you put things off that you shouldn’t? Try these practices, and finish your tasks! How often have you asked yourself what’s stopping you from completing a task? I’ve asked myself this question, or variations, on an ongoing basis. For those of you who want a solution and like lists, I’ll share the Top Nine […]

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How to fix a relationship

When you’re ready and committed, here are 11 practices to make sure your relationships stay healthy. Probably every one of us has experienced a relationship that’s gone wrong, whether with a grade school buddy, a first love in high school, a marriage, a co-worker, a friend or even a family member. Since we’re all adults here, let’s talk about relationships in our […]

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9 Benefits of Dating Over 50

  Dealing With Anxiety For More Authentic Relationships By Ms. Moreah Vestan. Is your stress level keeping you from forming a strong bond with your partner? Do you notice other relationships seem to run more smoothly than your partnership? Are you terse with friends and family when you’re dealing with anxiety? Are you just waiting […]

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