I Want That!

I want to fully trust my intuition and my intention to work so closely together that I never doubt that what I’m doing or choosing to do is perfect! (And if I didn’t carry around a possibility that maybe I SHOULD do something differently, the doubt might go away on its own.) I wonder if […]

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If You’re Happy and You Know It

I bet you’d be happier if you focused on what matters to you. Try these ideas and see. There’s a kid’s song that goes, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…” Aren’t the words interesting–“…if you KNOW it…” How many of us KNOW whether we’re happy or not? Are we living by […]

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9 Ways to Get It DONE!

Do you put things off that you shouldn’t? Try these practices, and finish your tasks! How often have you asked yourself what’s stopping you from completing a task? I’ve asked myself this question, or variations, on an ongoing basis. For those of you who want a solution and like lists, I’ll share the Top Nine […]

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When Are Rules Not Necessary?

What are some activities that you or others do that you have judgments about? How would it feel to  eliminate rules about right and wrong ways to behave? Come along with me as I share experiences that may help YOU be more free.   I like pursuing pleasure. It may be that part of me that doesn’t […]

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Ten Fatal Dating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Maybe you’re that rare man or woman who is past making dating mistakes. Or maybe you just make different mistakes than you used to—your incorrect perceptions and misjudgments may be more sophisticated than they were in 1990.   Perhaps you have different priorities for a partner now; tall and handsome may be replaced by warm and […]

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How to Rent a Room Event

What would it be like to have the extra income from a renter in your home?

Could you pay down your mortgage?

Go on trips?

Enjoy more entertainment?

If you’ve been considering renting out one or more of your spare bedrooms, let’s get started!

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